Vision     :  Yangon Academy empowers each student to reach their full potential.

Mission : Yangon Academy is a dynamic international school that provides a challenging K-12, American-based education which prepares our students for excellence in university and life. Our community inspires students to love learning and to contribute positively within a diverse and ever-changing world.

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SAT Registration -- CEEB: 653065  


MAP testing for Grades 3, 5, and 7 in 2015-2016 has been completed for the Fall term.  Results continue to be excellent at Yangon Academy!  We continue to show very strong scores, well above the international averages, in all three subjects: Reading, Language Usage, and Mathematics. See for details on MAP testing.  

Well Done Students!


November 5, 2015     

End of the First Trimester; Elementary

November 16, 2015 (Mon)    * new

HS Presentation with Parents at 3:15 in Student Lunch Room

November 18-19, 2015

Elementary Parent-Teacher Conferences

November 26-27, 2015

Full Moon Days; no school

December 11, 2015

Winter Program; location to be announced

December 19, 2015

End of First Semester; early dismissal

December 20 - January 5

Winter Holiday; no school

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Thailand 4.1% Thailand
Singapore 3.6% Singapore
Brazil 3.2% Brazil
Japan 2.0% Japan
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